Sunday morning worship services at Lakeside Presbyterian Church are held in traditional Presbyterian style. The service usually includes two scripture lessons, three hymns, a sermon, congregational prayers, an offering, organ or piano music and an anthem by the church choir.


Educational Opportunities

The Pastor's Class: Pastor Dick Mahlmann teaches a class for adults after the worship service on Sunday. In recent years the class has studied the Dead Sea Scrolls, Comparative World Religions and The Archaeology of the Holy Land. Beginning on September 25th Pastor Dick will be leading discussions of the "Seven Big Questions" as part of the "ExploreGOD" initiative. For more information go to www.exploregod.com.    

The Koinonia Class: The Koinonia Class is a group of men and women who meet after worship to discuss a wide range of contemporary themes and subjects. A recent series of classes focused on the Holy Spirit. Beginning with the last Sunday in September this class will also be discussing the "Seven Big Questions" as part of the "Explore God" initiative. 

The Thursday Evening Discussion Group: Beginning on Thursday evening, September 29th, a group will be meeting to discuss the :  "Seven Big Questions" of the "ExploreGOD" initiative. These discussions will be of special interest to people who do not go to church and yet have questions about God, spirituality, and the meaning of life. For more information go to www.exploreGod.com.  

The Lakeside Presbyterian Church Preschool

One of the original mission outreach projects of the church, the Lakeside Presbyterian Church Preschool has been serving children in Lakeside area since 1947. The Preschool provides a safe, caring, Christian environment in which young children can learn and grow. Children learn basic life skills like sharing and cooperation, as well as basic concepts like shapes, colors, and numbers. The children are also introduced to the primary principles of the Christian faith, including God's goodness, the beauty of nature, and the importance of caring for one another. The goal of the preschool program is to provide a nurturing environment in which young children can learn and grow. 

Spanish Language Services

         The Iglesia Apostoles y Profetas holds services in Spanish at the Lakeside Presbyterian Church on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday Evenings. The congregation is led by Pastor Leonardo Guardado. 

The Lamb's Basket

groceries The Lamb's Basket is a community food pantry which receives support from the Lakeside Presbyterian Church. Started in 2002 by a handful of churches, the Lamb's Basket is now a joint ministry supported by over 40 different congregations in Henrico County. In 2012 the Lamb's Basket food pantry provided over 500,000 pounds of groceries to more than 18,000 people in the greater Lakeside area. Members of the Lakeside Presbyterian Church serve on the governing board of the Lamb's Basket. The congregation also donates groceries on a regular basis. Church members provide the manpower needed to collect, sort, stock and distribute the food each week.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous has long been a haven of help and hope for people who are addicted to alcohol. Recognizing a great need for alcoholic rehabilitation in the Lakeside area, the Lakeside Presbyterian Church provides meeting space for multiple A.A. meetings at the church each week. 

Boy Scout Troop 760

    Lakeside Presbyterian Church has sponsored Boy Scout Troop 760 for sixty-seven years. The troop meets in the "Scout Hut", a building on the church property set aside specifically for troop activities.

    Troop 760 keeps a full calendar of outings, and 2008 was no exception. The troop started out with a Merit Badge Weekend campout in February. It was a cold weekend but the boys did well in earning merit badges towards their rank advancement. Over the Spring Break from school some of the scouts and leaders took off for another 50 Mile Trek on the Appalachian Trail. This is the 5th trip to trek from Pennsylvania to the border of Virginia. When completed, the trip will cover almost 600 miles on the Appalachian Trail.

    In the early spring the troop took a camping trip to James River State Park. The boys fished, hiked and visited the nature center. In May the scouts volunteered to staff the Cub Scout Campout at the Heart of Virginia Scout Reservation in Goochland for the weekend.

    The troop's annual Summer Camp trip took them to Camp Raven near Mt. Airy, North Carolina. The boys spent a complete week of camping in tents and working on rank advancements. Scouts took classes on swimming, row boating, camping, fishing, shot gun shooting, rifle shooting, art, leather working and nature merit badges.

    In August the troop took a fun trip to First Landing State Park campgrounds. The boys enjoyed surf fishing, swimming and some sight seeing of the lighthouses in the area. In September the troop took a canoe trip on the James River from a base camp at Camp T. Brady Saunders in Goochland.

    Mr. Richard Brett, the Scoutmaster of the troop, was recognized with the Scoutmaster Award of Merit. Mr. Bruce Pettie has completed his 48th year of scouting with Troop 760. Bruce has attended summer camp for 47 of his 48 years in the Boy Scouts of America. Great job, Bruce!

    Troop 760 saw the troop grow in 2008. The troop started the year with 15 scouts and ended the year with 18 scouts. The outlook for growth in 2009 is also good, In 2010 there will be another large group of Cub Scouts in the Pack that will cross over the Troop. We are looking forward to great things in the coming years!